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Parnonas’s villages

At the borders of Arkadia and Lakonia, Parnonas is fragrant and full of firs, black pine trees, traditional villages and marked tracks. It is a mountain to discover on the road.

With Poulithra as their base, visitors may schedule many excursions at the mountain or the sea and enjoy the refreshing breeze of the Myrtoan Sea and the rich nature of Parnonas. Some excursions may include the following attractions:


An excursion to this picturesque mountainous big village (at a height of 660m) on Parnonas – with maple trees, walnut trees and the proud perennial oak trees – is like time travelling to a Greece who does not betray her identity. It is suitable for long and comfortable walks, especially at sunset, when the mountain ranges of Arkadia come in all colors and shades from dark green to grayish blue like in a fairytale.

The visitor may sense the labor yet also the love of past stoneworkers on the stone houses of the village. That’s why residents have not intervened but preserve them in a good state.

You reach Peleta following the hard uphill road from Poulithra. However, you will be rewarded by a landscape of wild beauty and a wonderful view to the Myrtoan Sea. Close to Peleta, towards the East and after the village Pigadi, is the wonderful Fokianos beach. The road to the west leads to the village Kounoupia and from there to Mari, a village with plenty of water.


Tsitalia is famous for its excellent climate. From the first moment it creates to the visitor a crystal sense of balance between the mind and the soul. It’s 15 minutes away from the sea, although it’s up in the mountain. It’ s an ideal summer holiday destination, since the pleasure of the sea aura in the day and the coolness of the mountain in the afternoon and at night make you want to stay there forever.
The unique view – from Prophitis Ilias – to the islands of the Argosaronic gulf and Akronafplia, the pilgrimage to the historical cross at the church of Agios Georgios and a quiet stroll to the monument of the 1821 fighter Dimitrios Sarros, satisfy the visitor.
You will get there through the road to Plaka. You turn right to a snake-like route of 9km with a magnificent view to picturesque Leonidio and its green valley. The first village you find is Tsitalia, a village embraced by green nature.


This destination is one of the most beautiful villages of Parnonas. There are stone houses surrounded by firs and chestnut trees, with a large historical square where the stone church of Agioi Anargyroi rises surrounded by huge shady plane trees. It is the meeting point of many travelers.
The village is at a height of 1,150m and spring arrives somewhat late. This means that fireplaces and stoves are lit from noon and on.
The road, for about half an hour, goes uphill between the mountains parallel to the Dafnonas river. The route is beautiful, with chestnut trees instead of firs as you go higher, while somewhere in the deep sheep bells are heard without being seen.