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Where the blue waters of the Aegean meet the coasts of Arkadia, visitors have the chance to find their dream beach; there are endless sand beaches or small, natural coves, next to green olive groves or under castles with a view to traditional villages and small islands.

Famous for their clean coasts and crystal waters, a series of beaches by the Myrtoan sea have in store pleasant surprises for travelers.  

For a relaxing time, Myrtoon suggests the following beaches:

Agios Georgios

A small heaven on earth, isolated and unexplored, where the mountain embraces the sea, with a beach that keeps company to the church of Agios Georgios.


Very close to Poulithra (3.5km) you will find beautiful Plaka, the picturesque port of Leonidio, a small seaside village with a pebble beach.

Small taverns and shops create the atmosphere of a picturesque island, as the seaport of Leonidio was named in the ancient times.

You will find the running springs of Agios Nikolaos that meet the sea, as well as a flock of ducks that swim between the fish boats.


It is an hour of zigzag driving away from Poulithra. Those who are determined to find it are rewarded by the view of one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Α perfect semicircular cove closed on both edges by Parnonas’s green slopes that softly touch the sea, a blue horizon (the only island right across this beach is Mylos, but you will never see it no matter how hard you try) and without – in case we haven’t adequately stressed it – people at all. Beautiful, transparent, turquoise waters and big white pebbles complete a post card image. Two taverns at the back of the beach serve the fish of the day on the frying pan and the cicadas and the sea waves make up the soundtrack. This scenery seems as if it came from a movie or our childhood’s summer holidays. Exactly like all the Myrtoan Sea.