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climbing leonidio

Mountain climbing at Leonidio’s rocks

Undoubtedly, Leonidio is a land connected to an impressive vertical slope, Kokkinovrahos (Red Rock), rising over the town’s narrow streets and white houses. It is a mesmerizing dream challenge for climbers.

The rock is good quality limestone, especially pleasant to climb. A helmet is necessary. Especially in the winter, when the weather is ideal for climbing on the southern vertical slopes of the area, this rock is an exceptional destination for alternative tourism and worthy of the climbers’ attention.   

The vertical slope is completely oriented to the south and not suitable for climbing on hot days. However, apart from the main vertical slopes of the “Red Rock”, “B” and “C”, there are smaller ones (“A”, “D”, “E”) which are more accessible during the hot summer.

This classic route, the “Pillar of Fire”, is considered a mini version of a famous climbing location of the Yosemite National Park in California.

Walking tracks

In the area of Poulithra’s Agios Georgios, close to Myrtoon, you may follow the old track that leads to the mountainous village, Pigadi. To reach Pigadi, you go through the settlement of Loggari, which used to be a small lively village.
You will get another “meeting with the past” if you go uphill to Epano Geitonia (Upper Neighborhood) of Poulithra and follow the paved old track that leads to the Khans (karavanserai) of Pyrgoudi (Tsoumos). This walk used to be the only route that connected Poulithra with Peleta and Kounoupia.